Email: andrija [dot] petrovic [at] stonybrook [dot] edu

Office: N220, Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Stony Brook University Department of Linguistics.

My primary research interests lie in morphology and its interfaces with phonology and syntax. More specifically,

  • morphologically conditioned consonant epenthesis
  • characterization of morphological processes as logical transductions
  • morphophonological vowel fronting in Serbo-Croatian

I am also a part of the Epenthesis research group led by Lori Repetti.

In addition, I have worked on the stress system of Kuikuro (Cariban) with Michael Becker.


Modeling morphological epenthesis. Department of Spanish & Portuguese Linguistics Colloquium, February 18, 2021, University of Arizona. slides

Morphological epenthesis in Serbo-Croatian neuter nouns (co-advised by Mark Aronoff and Jeff Heinz)

Vowel fronting in Serbo-Croatian nominal inflection (advised by Michael Becker). abstract

The incoherent stress of Kuikuro. With Michael Becker, Bruna Franchetto, Arawa Didi Kuikuro and Yanapa Mehinaku Kuikuro. abstract, handout


Primary instructor

  • Fall 2019: LIN 522 Graduate Phonetics, Stony Brook University
  • Summer 2019:
    • SLAV-S511 Intensive Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I, Indiana University
    • SLAV-S512 Intensive Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II, Indiana University

Teaching assistant

  • Spring 2021: LIN 110 The Anatomy of English Words, Stony Brook University (Instructor: John Bailyn)
  • Winter 2021: The Afterlife of a Socialist Military, St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture (NYI), held online (Instructor: Tanja Petrović)
  • Fall 2020: LIN 356 Language and Life in Eastern Europe, Stony Brook University (Instructor: John Bailyn)
  • Summer 2020: Words and other things: what do you need to list in your head?, St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture (NYI), held online (Instructors: Asia Pietraszko, Omer Preminger)
  • Spring 2020: LIN 431 Structure of an Uncommonly Taught Language, Stony Brook University (Instructor: Daniel Finer)
  • Spring 2019: LIN 200 Language in the U.S., Stony Brook University (Instructor: Paola Cépeda)
  • Spring–Fall 2018: LIN 201 Phonetics, Stony Brook University (Instructor: Marie Huffman)
  • Fall 2017: LIN 355 Language and Life in Brazil, Stony Brook University (Instructor: Michael Becker)

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